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Welcome to the Ostenson Dental Blog

Welcome to the Ostenson Dental Blog

Welcome to Ostenson Dental blog, your source for the latest news about all things oral health related!

Drs. Gary and Kyle Ostenson and the rest of our staff at Ostenson Dental place our patients’ oral health as their top priority! To make sure that our patients have the knowledge and tools needed to enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums, we recommend patients regularly visit our blog. Here you’ll find posts that cover a variety of oral related topics that range from the best practices for maintaining and improving your oral health to news on the latest scientific breakthroughs that promise to change the future of dental care.

Besides your toothbrush, knowledge ranks as the most valuable tool at your disposal for maintaining and improving your oral health. In recent years, an overwhelming amount of research has found significant links between an individual’s oral health and his or her overall health. Diseases that were once thought completely unlinked are now viewed as potentially connected.

A Better Understanding

At Ostenson Dental, we want to be the premier dentist in Vancouver, WA and we hope that by gaining a better understanding of the risks and dangers our patients’ oral health faces everyday they will be able to take the steps necessary to protect their teeth and gums from plaque, gingivitis, and periodontitis. Researchers have discovered connections between gum disease and a variety of chronic health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and even some forms of cancer. The more scientists delve into the mysteries of oral disease, the more they begin to realize that what happens in our mouths has an impact on our entire body.

Providing More In Depth Answers

In addition to providing you with the latest oral health information, the Ostenson Dental blog will also serve as a sounding board for patients. If you have a question about the best practices or latest news related to oral health, talk with any member of our helpful and friendly staff about your questions and we just might provide a more in-depth answer as part of our next post!

Of course you don’t need to wait for a blog post to get the answers to your oral health questions. We want to be your Vancouver, WA dentist of choice, and we encourage all of our patients to ask any member of our staff at Ostenson Dental questions they may have about the best oral health practices during any visit to our Vancouver dental office.

Trying to keep up with the latest trends in health can feel occasionally overwhelming, as can trying to separate fact from fiction when it comes to the best oral health practices to use at home. By reading the Ostenson Dental blog, you’ll have access to all of the information needed to make sure you and your family can continue smiling brightly for a lifetime.

Remember, at Ostenson Dental, the patient always comes first. Check back soon for the latest oral health news and bookmark the Ostenson Dental Blog today!

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